Self-employment visa checklist

25.01.2021 - Article

Important: In order to work in Germany, you will need a residence permit before you enter Germany.

To work on a self-employed basis your proposed business must:

  • suggest a beneficial economical impact;
  • satisfy the needs of the Federal Repuplic of Germany or specific regional or local needs;
  • be fully covered by your own capital or bank loan providing proof / confirmation in writing.

To ensure sustainability of your business project the following criteria will also be taken into consideration:

  • viability of business plan,
  • relevant business experience;
  • amount to be invested in Germany;
  • impact of business proposal on German labour market and economy;
  • anticipated contribution to innovation and research in Germany.

For your application the following documents are required:

  • completed application form for a residence permit in duplicate;
  • two biometric passport size colour photos (not older than 6 months);
  • valid passport plus 2 photocopies;
  • proof of financial Investment.
  • a complete company profile which should include:

    a) detailed business plan meeting the criteria for your proposed business mentioned above;
    b) business concept
    c) capital requirement plan
    d) curriculum vitae
    e) revenue forecast
    f) an existing pension plan, if you are over 45 years ol

Processing time is approximately 12 weeks.
Visa fee: 75.00 EUR.

More information here:

This information is regularly updated but makes no claim to be complete. In individual cases provision of additional documents may be necessary.

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